Are you considering a lucrative investment that requires fast financing?

If that’s the case, hard money lending with Monroe Funding Corporation may be the solution you seek. You may have had trouble securing funding through a bank. If you’re unable to fulfill your funding needs using the lending resources of a bank, then hard money loans may provide a worthwhile yet equally effective alternative.

Simple and Fast Financing for Florida Real Estate Investors

Time is of the utmost importance once the closing phase is reached. For decades now and counting, real estate investors in Florida have sought hard money financing for its speed. Unlike a “conventional” loan, approval can be obtained in mere hours versus the typical loan approval process that can extend for weeks or months. Any investor requiring a competitive bid to secure a property can count on Monroe Funding Corp to provide the quick funds necessary.

You’re not going to face an endless list of requirements to apply for a hard money loan and you can expect a quick response. When factors such as property ownership are assessed, an asset-based loan will receive approval quickly. Investors rapidly obtain the funds they need for initiatives, which is crucial when, for example, needs involve properties like fix and flips where time is critical.

Florida Cities Where We Do Business

• Coral Springs
• Miami
• Tampa
• Fort Lauderdale
• Orlando
• Gainesville
• St. Petersburg
• Hialeah
• Port St. Lucie
• Cape Coral
• Pembroke Pines
• Hollywood
• Miramar
• Jacksonville
• Tallahassee

Why is Monroe Funding Corporation the Right Choice for Florida Investors?

Monroe Funding Corporation is a major player when it comes to hard money lending in Florida. We’re focused on a few essential items versus our rivals.

Speed. We don’t believe loan approvals should take weeks or even months. We’ve closed numerous loans in under a week and we take pride in releasing funds in a few hours once borrowers have met the few eligibility requirements.

Restriction-Free Loans. A traditional loan carries a host of conditions that must be fulfilled before proceeding further. With Monroe Funding Corporation, we have very little restrictions so borrowers can get the money they need quickly. We are proud of our ability to offer borrowers lenient loan requirements, a standard that is also applied to foreigners looking to take advantage of lucrative investments in Florida.

Robust Services for Investors. Perhaps when it comes to bidding you could use some help. We strive to maintain simplicity throughout the process by taking care of your pre-approval written letters and proof-of-fund letters at no cost. It results in a benefit where the seller has the peace of mind that you, the interested buyer, will be able to provide the necessary funding.

No Limits on Transactions. Every customer is a unique experience, so we adjust as required. Our guidelines are simple, the terms are fair and you don’t need to think about transaction limits. Monroe Funding Corporation products are designed to support customers in fulfilling their long-term and short-term needs. We provide financing focused on properties like single-family homes, condo complexes, and commercial real estate. Give us a call to set up a consultation and we’ll devise a Florida hard money lending strategy tailored to you.